Universal 52/8-S

Pramod Engineering
Pramod Engineering
Pramod Engineering

The stitcher head fast stitch universal 52/8 is used for notebook stitchers from Hohner, Muller martini, kolbus and many other brands, who require a 8mm stitch for a flat product like notebooks or open thin textbooks. The stitcher head fast stitch universal 52/8 is also used on Bilomatic, Linomatic, Pramod Engineering and other brands who usually are manufacturing machines for binding of text books, magazines and notebooks.

The stitcher head fast stitch universal 52/8 works at upto 12,000 cycles per hour, and 8mm thick books, on the spine, with up to 22 gauge wire. The stitchers are used to make 2-up or 3-up notebook blocks, which are to 1m (1000mm) wide. Crown can be adjusted to various levels. Flat stitch is also possible.

This heavy duty stitcher relies on precision machined parts on CNC systems and die cast components like the unibody, the front assembly and moving blades.



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