Signature Collator & Gatherer

Signature Gatherer/ Form Collator

An economical and highly productive machine for inserting printed or unprinted folder signatures into each other.

The gathering and wire-stitching machine comprises of the following functional groups:

  • Counter and belt delivery
  • Collator
  • Can be extended to eight auto-feeders.
  • Ejector is attached to the machine, which is essential. It would not allow any single signature to the delivery belt.

Technical Data

6-Head stitcher150 x 105 mm
510 x 320 mm
148 x100 mm
500 x 305 mm

Stitching Thickness:Trimming Thickness
With basic equipment Max. 5 mmmax. 12 mm
Staple Centre Spacings
With 2 stitching headsMin. 60 mm upto max. 450 mm
Stitching headsMax. 6
Section feed points4 - 10
Manages Wire Grades
No. 21-28
Drive & Power
11Kw, 3-phase, 400/440V, 50Hz

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