Notebook Making- Sticher & Trimmer

Wire-Stitching 2-head Saddle Wire Stitcher

The gathering and wire-stitching machine serves for the economical production of saddle-stitched brochures like magazines, TV guides, timetables, catalogues, lists and similar printed matter.

  • Simple maintenance and quick make-ready of stitching heads, assured reliable and efficient production.
  • Simple timing of gathering chain to the stitcher.
  • Bearing supporting the gripper bar provides precise book transfer and extends gripper bar life. Maintenance-free steel capped gathering chain and chain rails

The saddle stitching machine comprises the following functional groups:

    • Stitching machine with two stitching heads for handling two staple sizes.
    • Counter for continuous counting of the stitched brochures.
  • Belt delivery for delivering the finished brochures.
  • Sheet-gathering chain with 2-6 handfed stations.
  • When handling medium sized and favourable paper, the maximum speed of the gathering and Wire-stitching machine is up to 4,000 cycles per hour.
  • Loop stitch is also available.

Technical Data

Maximum with non-staggered stitching350 x 280 mm
Maximum with staggered stitching330 x 280 mm
Minimum size150 x 100 mm
Stapling devices
A stitching thickness 0-2.5 mm, back length 16 mm, leg length 7 mm, for wire nos. 24-28
B stitching thickness 1-4 mm, back length 14 mm, leg length 8 mm for wire nos. 23-26
C stitching thickness 2-4 mm, back length 12 mm, leg length 9 mm for wire nos. 21-24
Distance between staple centres
Maximum 220 mm, Minimum 55 mm
1Kw, 3-phase, 400/440V, 50Hz

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