Compensating Stacker

Compensating Stacker:

Web Offset Stacker collects and makes compensated bundles of printed forms from the web offset delivery.

SpecificationPramod Engineering
Model NameXeus GR45
Stacker for counting with
Laser counting system and
compensated stacking
Speed of the webFor webs up to 75,000 iph
Input height from web590 mm to 1150 mm
Align with the delivery table
of the web offset printing machine.
Deivery Table Height876 mm
Product thickness4-96 pages
Product size
(Single stream of paper)
Min- 133 mm; Max- 321 mm
Min- 152 mm; Max- 470 mm
Max stack height330 mm
Salient features
  • The Stacker has been designed according
    to the unit-type principal.
    It remove irregularities created in the folder
    delivery or during conveyance-stacker,
    gives alignment to the printed signature
    and works as pressing station. It improves
    fold and expel the air trapped, thus
    improving stack formation.

  • Better quality and higher output are
    the two main functions of Xeus stacker.
    The design of the machine accommodate
    the press output. The Xeus stacker is mobile
    and its conveyer is adjustable to fit any web
    machine of any speed as it is equipped
    with a variable speed drive.

  • Inlet Conveyer is installed to be
    aligned with the existing delivery of
    the web offset press.
  • Counting System (optional)Laser counting system for the counter model
    Power required for machineIndependent AC Drive 1.00 Kw, 400-440v, 3 phase, 50Hz
    • Simple maintenance and quick make-ready of stitching heads, assured reliable and efficient production.
    • Simple timing of gathering chain to the stitcher.

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