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Paper Drilling Machine

Paper Drilling Machine

Paper Drilling Machine with 4 drilling heads. Drill holder is capable of drill from 3mm to 14mm . Machine is equipped with automatic table lift system . Drilling range 5 – 14mm with adjustable centers 36 – 260mm equipped with 4 indian paper drills 8.0 mm diameters. Drill machine is made of rigid steel to avoid any friction.

Features are:

  • Required Space L X W X H 2050mm X 2300mm X 2500mm
  • Working height 950mm
  • Drill bit speed 1499mm
  • Stroke speed 15 – 20 stroke/min.
  • EMF(voltage) 400v
  • Phase 3ph
  • Frequency 50hz
  • Connection in value 1.7kw

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